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Abdelahad MEZIATIAbdelahad MEZIATI

To :     Amazing Holidays in India

Subject : Voyage en Inde : du 10 au 16 juin 2013

Bonjour Ashish ,

Avec plaisir, ce voyage était une réussite et c est en partir grâce à la bonne organisation de votre agence et de la disponibilité du chauffeur.

Ram est un excellent chauffeur, très disponible très agréable et attentif…un grand merci pour ce monsieur.
Transmettez lui m’a gratitude.

Merci je ne manquerai pas de laisser un commentaire.

Abdelahad MEZIATI


To :     Amazing Holidays in India

Subject : India travel from 26 Dec to 14 Jan 2012

Hi Ashish

Myself and my husband would like to thank you for making our trip a success. I was really worried about this trip as I had been hearing so many negative things about India but after I had visited the place, I can say that it is a place of visit and thinking of making more trips especially to do shopping.
everything was in order and we really appreciated the way your driver Jagdish took us around. he was really kind hearted and had patience when taking us around
Please conver our massage to him as well
I have already given your address to our friends and relatives and they will contact you.
thanks again and will keep in touch

Kind Regards,


Bhaona PrasadBhaona Prasad

To :     Amazing Holidays in India

Subject : India Trip Dec / Jan 2013

Hi Ashish

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for making our holiday a memorable one which will always remain in our heart.

You guys did a great job in planning and packaging our holiday with respect to all our needs.

I must admit that we all enjoyed our association with our driver Mr Ravinder Singh Rathore, even the kids had a ball with him.  We all miss him and his talk so much.  I must say that he is a gem of a person and he is definitely an asset to your company who very proudly takes pride for the company he works for.  He definitely made our holiday a memorable one.

It was also great knowing you and with all your hard work our holiday went like a breeze (tension & stress free) and we can’t thank you enough for organising our amazing holiday and also thank you very much for mingling with us and treating us dinner towards the end.

We will definitely be back and every time we come there, we will be surely using you guys and we will definitely call you every now and then so that we can stay in touch.

Apologises if we have done or said anything that you guys didn’t like.

Bhaona Prasad

Colette Oudot [colette.oudot@gmail.com]Colette Oudot [colette.oudot@gmail.com]

To :     Amazing Holidays in India

Subject : voyage en Inde


Merci pour votre message.
Notre voyage s’est réellement bien déroulé,en compagnie d’un chauffeur charmant,de bonne qualité,amusant,et toujours de bonne humeur.

Nous avons beaucoup apprécié la découverte du Kutch,ou ni mon mari,ni moi n’étions jamais allés.

Le programme que vous nous avez envoyé sur l’Inde du sud est intéressant.

Pouvez vous le chiffrer sur une base d’hotels de charme,ou de bon niveau?

Nous ne retournerons cependant pas en Inde avant fin 2014,car nous avons déjà d’autres voyages prévus.
Il est certain que nous vous contacterons,car nous avons été très satisfaits de vos services.

Bien cordialement.
C Oudot

rene vernay [renevernay@sfr.fr]rene vernay [renevernay@sfr.fr]

To :     Amazing Holidays in India

Subject : voyage en Inde du 15 novembre au 17 décembre 2013

Bonjour Ashish

Suite à notre voyage en Inde nous tenons à vous faire part de notre entière satisfaction d’avoir eu Ravi Singh comme chauffeur :

  • En tant que chauffeur, Ravi a été très prudent mais aussi très efficace compte-tenu des difficultés de la circulation. Il a toujours eu le souci de convenir des horaires en concertation avec nous et les a correctement respectés.
  • En plus de ses qualités de chauffeur, nous avons apprécié ses qualités humaines : gai et dynamique, il s’est toujours montré attentif à nos besoins, à notre bien-être, à nos découvertes qu’il a grandement facilitées ; il a été très disponible et a facilité nos relations avec les habitants, il nous a souvent  conseillé et guidé utilement.
  • Ravi s’est bien adapté à notre petit groupe et, malgré les difficultés de la langue (car nous ne maitrisons pas complètement l’anglais), il a su communiquer avec chacun d’entre nous.

Ravi est un chauffeur que nous recommanderons facilement à d’autres voyageurs.

Christiane, Anne marie, Jean Claude, René, voyage en Inde du 15 novembre au 17 décembre 2013

Hager oueslatiHager oueslati

To :     Amazing Holidays in India

Subject : Voiture en Inde : du 6 au 15 oct 13

Dear Mr Ashish,

Many thanks for your email and really sorry about such a delay. I was busy back to the office and went to another trip.
Anyway, first of all, I would like to thank you for the service quality and the professionalisme of your agency. Our trip was a real succes and this is in part thanks to your services. The trip with Ravi was very interesting, he was very very helpful and respected the timing. Please thank him agaim for his profesionalisme and assistance.
I have one remark regarding the driver who received us in Mumbai, unlike Ravi, he was not friendly, he didn’t speak a lot with us, he was like a very serious person and just answering to the questions. He didn’t even welcome us in the airport, knowing that he was 10 or 15 minutes late!!!
Some friends would like to visit India and I will recommend your agency without any doubt 🙂

Many thanks and Brgds fron Tunisia

Jean-Jacques DudouitJean-Jacques Dudouit

To :     Amazing Holidays in India

Subject : Voiture avec chauffeur en Inde

Merci pour vos bons vœux , nous vous souhaitons à notre tour une belle année 2014 pour votre entreprise et votre famille et une bonne santé à tous.

Merci également pour la préparation et l’organisation de notre voyage au Rajasthan du 4 au 25 novembre dernier. L’ensemble de la prestation a été complètement respectée , le véhicule spacieux et confortable , le chauffeur sympathique et très ponctuel. Nous avons particulièrement apprécié la réservation des billets de train que vous avez effectués pour nous de Agra a Varanasi et Varanasi à Delhi , merci pour ce service que vous avez effectué avec la plus grande gentillesse . Vous avez toujours été disponibles pour tous renseignements avant le voyage et pendant le voyage vous vous êtes informés pour savoir si tout se passait bien et restiez disponibles , merci pour cette attention et votre professionnalisme  .
Notre anglais limité ne nous a pas permis de nous faire parfaitement comprendre par le chauffeur au début du voyage mais rapidement nous avons pu lui faire comprendre que nous n’étions pas intéressé par la visite des magasins pour touristes ni des restaurants pour touristes Nous souhaitions rencontrer les indiens et leur mode de vie, ce que nous avons pu faire.

Pour les touristes qui le souhaitent des visites découverte du milieu rural entre deux sites seraient vraiment un plaisir important, par exemple visite de villages Vishnois , marchés , foires, fêtes de village , fabriques de briques et autres activités artisanales. Nous avons pris beaucoup de plaisir à manger ou boire le thé indien dans les échoppes sur le bord de la route ou dans des petits villages et à rencontrer des villageois toujours très sympathiques.

Nous garderons un grand souvenir de ce voyage et vous remercions encore pour votre service.

Salutations sincères       J.Jacques et M.France DUDOUIT ,      Guy et Babette PREVEL.

Diwan ChandDiwan Chand

To :      info@amazingholidaysinindia.com

Subject : India Tour


Namaste Ashish and greetings to you from Fiji,

Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for this late correspondence. Don’t think that we have  forgotten you after the trip,  it’s just that we went to work straight after arrival and have been very busy since as it was end of our financial year and beginning of new financial year. Rina too has been in and out of office since. Now, I’m bit settled and thought of catching up with you.
Well, on behalf of my family I would like to thank you and your company “amazingholidayisinIndia”  for the wonderful tour of our motherland India.  The trip was exiting and memorable one.
On return trip from Mumbai both Pranil and I got sick with upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhoea. The Korea/Nadi leg was difficult for me. I think we picked up some bug from the spicy food on earlier flight. The flight Korean Air flight attendants however were good and provided the necessary medication and hot green tea. I felt weak & fatigued the whole weekend we just rested at home. The time difference and continuous travelling for a month really took a toll on us and it took a good one week to adjust to local Fiji time. Pranil too was down for several days before resuming duties.
Although we didn’t know each other before the tour, meeting you in Delhi was a pleasure. Some good things we liked about your company were:-

  • you remained faithful to the very competitive price that you offered…..no hidden cost & variations later.
  • you cared for us while travelling by call us almost daily and finding out how we were doing…any problems, etc…. much appreciated.
  • The vehicle provided was excellent, very comfortable ride.
  • The Driver was just fantastic. We just clicked as a team from the moment we boarded the car in Chandigarh. Ravi is a very good boy, polite, humble, respectful, lively and accommodative person. During the trip we shared a lot of thoughts about India & Fiji. We never felt that we were out of our country. We shared food and drinks throughout the trip.
  • Hotel accommodation was great. Most hotels exceeded our expectation in terms of good quality accommodation, and breakfast.  Thanks for the upgrades at Jaipur and Mumbai. We enjoyed the most in Jaipur and Simla. Mathura hotel was not to expectation in terms of cleanliness and ageing fixtures but no complains as you had arranged for the best that was available there.
  • Thanks for your and Ravi’s advisory when interacting with people for shopping & tours and dropping off the mobile phone in Mathura. The mobile phone was on roaming and had you not responded to our call urgently, it could have landed in wrong hands whereby Pranil/Prashna would have ended up paying huge bills in NZ.
  • We did shopping in almost all cities but found Delhi markets the best place for bargains provided you are able to bargain.
  • The driver in Mumbai, Sachin was also very good. Except for the late arrival for pick up at Mumbai airport he was very punctual on other days. He didn’t talk much but would provide good commentary of important places/people as we travelled through the streets of Mumbai. He assisted us in shopping in Daddar particularly for a Tabla & some vehicle accessories. The only bad risk he took was when dropping us off to the airport. He was driving on low fuel and the vehicle stopped suddenly when climbing a small incline midway to the airport. However he was very fast in arranging for the diesel and we were at the airport well before time.  Luckily, we departed for the airport early, we had a lot of time on our side, otherwise things could turn ugly with a missed flight. My advice to the drivers is not to take such risk when dealing with international flights or when travelling through remote regions. Ravi also took the risk of travelling on low fuel from Solan to Nehan !!!

Well Ashish I believe I have given you some useful feedback and you will continue to provide excellent customer service to tourists like us who arrange things from a distance and hope for the best retreat.

All the best and kind regards to you , your family, Ravi and Sachin in Mumbai.

As I find time one of these days, I’ll come on skype and we can catch up again. Keep in touch.

Kind Regards

Diwan, Rina, Pranil, Prashna.

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